Let Me Help You Fix Your Final Problem,
Which Will Only Get Bigger With Time.


Rapify Local and its add-ons drastically cut your work and time spent per site. There’s no quicker and easier way to go from “build us a website” to “your website is live.”

But still… Why should you do the work -- especially monthly maintenance -- on your websites?

Let’s face it, your time is best spent in acquiring new clients -- that’s new money in the door, upfront and month after month. Yes, you can quickly build new sites with Rapify Local. But when you’ve been doing this for a few months or years, you’ll grow a massive collection of client websites that will be needing updates.

I always recommend giving your clients 1 hour per month of maintenance time included in their monthly fee. Most clients are going to have minimal updates, specials, etc. and they need that done on their website.

But that means as you build more sites, month after month, the ongoing maintenance responsibilities will pile up. Pretty soon, you’ll have a full-time job of maintenance, in addition to building new sites and getting new clients.

That’s a problem. Here’s how you fix it...

Upgrade To Rapify Agency To Unlock Sub-User
And Independent Client Access!

Now, You Can Hire Low-Cost Help To Fulfill Your Monthly Maintenance Work… Or Even Build New Sites For You!

With Rapify Agency, you can issue Sub-User access, so your employee or low-cost VA (virtual assistants) can take care of your monthly client website maintenance requirements.

With Sub-User access, you have a separate username and password you can give to your assistants, so they can do the work without also doing any monkey business on your Rapify account. Your account is protected in three ways:

  •  You never have to give out your primary account username and password
  •   Your assistants can never lock you out of your own account by changing the password
  •  You can lock an assistant out if they’re no longer working for you

You can rest assured that your assistants are doing the work you asked them to do… and NOTHING else!

You Can Also Issue Website-Specific Logins For Clients Who Want To Handle Their Own Maintenance

Occasionally, you’ll run across a client who wants to handle their own occasional website maintenance. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the owner’s son “knows websites.”

Whatever the case, if you gave them your own login information, you’d have the same risks as above. And if you gave them a Sub-User login, they’d be able to access ALL your client websites. Not good!

With Rapify Agency, you also have the ability to issue a website-specific login, so your client can ONLY access THEIR own website. They are “jailed” there and cannot see or access any of your other client websites.

That makes it possible for your client to maintain their own website, while you have no risk of them damaging any of your other client websites.

You Might Be Thinking “I Don’t Need This Yet.” But… ...You Do.

Maybe you’re thinking “I’m just starting out with Rapify Local, why would I need this? I’ll just get it later.”

Valid thought. But here’s the thing…

I want you to have all the necessary success tools on hand and ready, including the ability to have other people doing the building and maintaining work for you, without the risk.

So, for a very limited time, I am giving you an extra special deal on upgrading to Rapify Agency.

After this deal is over, you will have to pay a much higher price, and you may have to pay monthly.

This is the time for you to take action and grab this deal before it’s too late. Even if you don’t start using it immediately, you’ll have it in your back pocket, for when you start thinking “hey, you know what, even this easy work is still WORK… and work sucks.”

You Are Protected By My 30-Day Risk-Free
Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee

Your Rapify Agency purchase is protected, just like your other Rapify purchases.

Take Rapify Agency for a 30-day test drive. If you are unhappy, just file a ticket at my support desk within 30 days after purchase. I will fully refund your purchase price.

It’s as simple as that.


Grab Rapify Agency For The Special Savings Shown Below:


Sub-User Access For Virtual Assistants

Single Site Access For Clients

30 Day Risk-Free
Worry-Free Guarantee

Low Price: $127




  • Do I need to know programming to set up Sub-User or Single Website Client logins in Rapify Agency?

  • Is there a maximum number of Sub-User or Single Website Client logins I can create in Rapify Agency?

  • Is it difficult to lock out a Sub-User or Client, if situations change?

  • Can a Sub-User access more than one website on my Rapify dashboard?

  • Can a Sub-User or Single Website Client change my own login or lock me out of Rapify?

    No! That's the whole point of Rapify Agency -- You will have a completely safe way to control who can log into your Rapify dashboard and what they can or cannot access.
  • Does This work in My Country?


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